A.I. Powered Promotional Selection

Use the power of A.I. to make the optimal choices clear.

 So… how are you selecting products today?

Repeating Past Choices

Following Competitors

Trade Dollars

Following Your Gut

Selecting items for promotion is anything but easy…

A retailer with 50,000 SKUs requires 6×103600 calculations every week to simulate all the options available to maximize revenue in the selection of the weekly flyer.


How big is 103600 ?
  • The visible number of atoms in the universe is estimated to contain between 1078   and 1080
  • 103600 = 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000….
85% of items promoted every week are repetitious YoY!

These are important inputs, however the most important input should be your customers. Your customers speak to you every week through the products they buy. Daisy’s analysis of your POS data is the most customer-centric input to support your decisions and measure their effectiveness. Yes, suppliers offer trade dollars to influence promotional decisions but are suppliers’ goals aligned to your goals? Do these promotions really drive new growth or are you just causing customers to load up their pantries at discounted margins? What about the ripple effects? Discounting and promoting one set of products will have carry-on effects across the entire assortment:

  • Increasing the sales of some complimentary items
  • Cannibalizing the sale of other times
  • Stealing from future week’s sales

Measure promotional effectiveness over the long term.

Traditional data approaches can’t come close to handling this degree of data analyses complexity. And the time it would take the merchant to truly dig into every piece of data for every product promoted- week in and week out- would be mind boggling. Is it any wonder that 85% of the items promoted each week are repeats from the previous year?

So, is your business growing because of proper promotional optimization? Or are you watching competitors in the rear-view mirror to see what they are doing are reacting with “gut instinct’?

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Daisy’s super-A.I. powered retail optimization engine will change the way you select products.


3 things that help us go beyond the capacity of traditional solutions (and human capacity!)

100% of the Data

Daisy’s A.I. analyzes 100% of historical and real time POS sales data and promotional history to learn every complex pattern and relationship between all products. Daisy A.I. can see all the ripple effects, intra and cross category associated sales, cannibalization, forward buying effects, seasonality, etc – and watches these dynamically change over time.

Simulates Every Future

Daisy simulates every possible promotional alternative and promotion all combination and all the inherent trade-offs, within the boundaries you use today to make your selections. Then, Daisy compares these results to maximize revenue, margins and transactions


Provides Specific, Ranked Products to Promote

Daisy provides the retailer with a ranked list of recommended items to promote (within the selection constraints, business rules and timing guidelines given) for each marketing channel selected.

Now you can confidently answer core questions like:

  • Which products should I promote this week in each channel?
  • How often should I promote certain items?
  • What combination of items will result in the highest possible sales or margin?
  • How much incremental lift did a certain promotion generate?
  • How can we avoid getting cherry picked all the time?

Daisy is the first company to use the power of A.I. to solve retail promotion challenges.

Leveraging GPU computing, Daisy simulates billions of alternative promotional futures. Rather than relying on an analyst to query a handful of promotional alternatives based on pre-defined static models like traditional analytic tools, Daisy simulates 100’s of millions of alternatives each week to determine which ones will provide the best incremental return. Daisy’s A.I. Engine determines which promotions will best meet your goals BEFORE you implement them. No wasted time or guesswork. No hardware or software to install. No IT projects. No hiring required. You can be up and running in less than 60 days!

Daisy does more than measure past performance – we enable better future performance through optimization – all from your own data.

Daisy isn’t fooled into thinking a promotion is successful just because you sell more of a promoted item. The goal is to make the company more successful in the long term. Our measurement of success looks at how the whole company was effected by a promotional effort- across the entire assortment.

And because Daisy ranks every product, whether you use the Daisy recommendations or not, Daisy can answer the question; “How well could the circular have performed last week?” This provides merchandising teams with an unparalleled reporting benchmark and assists in closing the gap between current and ideal state – something that was previously unimaginable in a world before A.I..

Omni-channel? No problem.

Daisy is agnostic to marketing channels. As long as your data captures where your promotions occur, Daisy can assist in optimizing the lift for each channel by selecting the right products to promote at exactly the right time, enabling the company to achieve its objectives.


The Results

  • Helps you get the promotional cadence correct
  • Maximizes associated sales and basket size
  • Selects better promotional products for each marketing channel
  • Helps you find products that have never been promoted before
  • Saves you time every week
  • Helps you negotiate improved trade incentives by better understanding the opportunity cost of every promo decision
  • Maximizes overall company results- not just a single category

Daisy is proven to grow incremental top-line revenue by up to 3% with no additional margin investment.

Client Success

Hear what our clients have to say

“We’re past the bluster and hype stage – we’ve tested it and it works, so we’re on board. We’re leaving the old ways and moving into A.I., computing power gives us the ability to do that. it’s always about the business and business decisions and improving ROI. Doing what we do – the fundamentals – better”.

Daisy Client

University of Guelph Case Study

“Without a doubt Daisy has driven a meaningful lift in basket size and trips without any additional margin cost”

Scott Little

CFO, Earth Fare