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How AI powers Pricing Optimization to Drive Maximum Profitability for Grocers

While it’s true that powerful technology and “traditional” data analytics software enable grocery retailers to battle it out with competitors on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis, the big question is, does beating competitors on price always lead to higher profits? In other words, how closely is your organization’s pricing strategy aligned to long-term financial goals?

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AI-Driven Analytics: Taming The Wild World of Grocery Data

A crowded marketplace with fierce competition, including brick-and-mortar specialty food retailers, expansion of grocery sections in big box stores, e-Commerce into the grocery space, ever-changing Amazon dynamics, Grocers understand that in order to keep-up, they need to leverage their hard-earned data and glean the best insights from consumer-behavior and shopping-preferences

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How A.I. can help fulfill the promise of big data.

Great promotion, nice short-term sales effect, yet no change in profits at the end of the month. Hiring hundreds or thousands of data scientists will still not allow most retailers to scratch the surface of the complexity of optimizing results across thousands of products which have complex affinity and price elasticity relationships with each other.

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