A.I. Powered
Solutions for Retail


Our system analyzes 100% raw point of sale data

and provides weekly operational recommendations

that grow top line sales.

About our solutions

Daisy’s focused A.I solutions for retail transform transaction log (TLOG) data into specific promotion, pricing, and inventory forecasting decisions. These recommendations go beyond tools and dashboards, they are actionable, enabling retailers to improve their organization’s promotional effectiveness, logistics, stock-outs, transaction size, revenue, and margin.

Daisy’s approach is truly unique. The Daisy A.I. Simulation Platform relies on massive computational power to simulate outcomes, all the while ingesting new information, adapting the underlying mathematical theory to reflect the dynamic nature of the retail world. Unlike other solutions, The Daisy Theory of Retailuniquely considers all of the important effects that make optimization in the retail environment such a challenge – the changing affinity relationship between products, cannibalization effects, promotional cadence effects, forward buying effects, promotional and pricing elasticity, seasonality, competition, etc.

Simply put, Daisy can go beyond human capacity to assist retailers in making optimal decisions by considering more data, more variables, and more alternatives, dynamically, in near real-time with an optimization outcome that is tied to true, long term profit and loss changes rather than short term, promotion specific outcomes.

Learn more about how our solutions are changing the world of retail by clicking on each module below:

Our products

Promotional Product Selection

Promoting the right products will drive associated sales and grow overall basket size.

Price Optimization

Optimize product pricing (regular, promotion or markdown) to maximize sales and margins.

Assortment Planning

Understand the best product mix to exceed your financial goals.

Inventory Forecasting

Reduce stock outs and excess inventory by more accurately forecasting demand.

Space Planning

Improve the store layout to reflect purchasing patterns and consumer habits.

Promotional Targeting

Determine the best way to reach consumers and where to focus promotional budgets.

Site Location

Identify where to build new stores to increase traffic and sales.

Best in Class Store Modeling

Learn best practices from top stores and apply this across all locations.

A.I. Powered Performance

Increased store traffic, average transaction size, and improved margins- without additional marketing spend or discounting.


+5% increase in total sales through more effective promotional product selection.


+5% increase in total sales through optimized pricing.


+10% reduction in stock outs through improved demand forecasting.

Unlock hidden revenue from your point of sale data within days.

Make smarter business decisions with Daisy Intelligence.