AI-Based Halo Merchandising Drives Greater Operational Efficiency Video Transcription


Halo-based merchandise planning allows retailers to tie the end to end planning process together under a common theme, to maximize the Halo Effect.


What Retail Processes Will Halo Merchandising Optimize?


From assortment planning, to joint business planning with vendors, to everyday promotion and price planning, to multi channel management, to forecasting and inventory allocation, to space planning, to ordering and replenishment, Halo merchandising using AI will bring a new level of efficiency to retail.


The Organizational Benefits of Halo Merchandising


Automating many of these decision making tasks frees your merchants and category managers to focus on the highest value and most strategic tasks. Halo-based merchandising helps lower operations, enabling retailers to remain competitive in a tough post-pandemic environment. At Daisy, we see what others don’t.


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