JUNE 03, 2017, TORONTO ON – Daisy Intelligence Corporation, an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service platform, announced today that they will be participating in the 3rd Food & Agriculture Business Seminar at the University of Guelph Arrell Food Institute, June 5-6th, 2017.

During the Seminar, Daisy Intelligence, along with Trent Tucker, Assistant Professor at the College of Business and Economics, will present the case study, “Daisy Intelligence: Bringing artificial intelligence to the retail end of the food value chain.” The case study will explore the future of global food retailing and the opportunities that artificial intelligence (A.I.) brings to the table.

Tucker commented that the Seminar “is an opportunity for the entire food supply chain, (farmers, processors, food services, retailers) to gather in a dynamic environment to examine and discuss current and critical issues facing the food supply system, including advancements in retail technology like those provided by innovative Canadian companies like Daisy.”

As part of the research for the case study, Tucker interviewed multiple retail executives, including research and analytics executives at some of Canada’s largest retailers.

“The food economy is an exceptionally competitive environment characterized by incredibly tight profit margins,” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO of Daisy Intelligence.  “This case study clearly illustrates the power of A.I. to help retailers make better decisions about everything from merchandising to promotional strategies, enabling them to increase the profitability of the retail food business.”

About Daisy Intelligence
Daisy Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) software-as-a-service (Saas) company that turns impossible big data problems into actionable decisions. By analyzing very large quantities of clients’ transaction and operational data, Daisy  provides weekly promotional, price, and forecasting recommendations to help clients grow total sales, improve margins, reduce fraud, and delight customers. Using their proprietary mathematical solutions and the Daisy A.I. based simulation platform, Daisy Intelligence analyzes 100% of the data and trade-offs inherent in any complex business question to help clients make more profitable decisions and compete in the new age of retail. www.daisyintelligence.com

About the Arrell Food Institute Food & Agriculture Business Seminar – University of Guelph main campus.

The Food Institute developed the Food and Agriculture Business Seminar to bring together a diverse group of current and emerging leadership in the industry to collectively examine trends and issues in today’s global marketplace.

By working together in strategically dynamic groups, participants benefit from each other’s expertise as they critically examine real and current cases and interact with the executives of the featured businesses in a non-competitive environment.

The seminar’s cases explore shifting roles of government, food security, consumer perspective and developing markets in real scenarios that top industry businesses and organizations have faced and are currently facing. Go to http://arrellfoodinstitute.ca/seminar/ to learn more about the cases, the event format and registration rates or email foodinstitute@uoguelph.ca.


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