Automating Decision Making and Business Processes Video Transcription


There’s been increasing talk about using automation in business processes. There’s three kinds of automation. One is automating the execution of a decision that has been made. For example, pushing prices into a POS system after a price has been determined or, if you’ve adjudicated a claim, making sure that you execute the claim payment. That technology has existed for decades.


What is Autonomous Decision Making?


On the front end of decision making, there are BI systems, and data warehousing, and reporting, the goal of which is to pull together the information required for a human being to make a decision. That technology has also existed for a decade. To completely automate decision making requires the decision itself to be automated. We call that autonomous. To automate decision making requires systematic logic. Most business processes don’t have systematic logic to make many decisions and that’s where AI can come in. Autonomous business is about using AI to make decisions, providing contextual guidance to the human beings to support the decision making logic. That’s what autonomous means. At Daisy, we see what others don’t.

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