JUNE 24, 2017, TORONTO ON – Daisy Intelligence Corporation, an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company, will provide insight into the application of artificial intelligence in the real world during a panel discussion at this year’s “#SmartCanada!: A.I. In the Real World” networking reception in New York City on June 27, 2017 at the Thomson Reuters Building in Times Square. Daisy Intelligence will be one of the five Canadian companies that will be part of the panel discussion.

The networking reception aims to highlight Canada’s competitive business climate and recognize Canada’s culture of innovation for artificial intelligence. The Consulate General of Canada in New York has collaborated with established businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, and academic institutions to showcase Canada as a world leader in the business intelligence economy.

Canadian A.I. experts will discuss the economic outlook, industry trends, and the A.I. opportunity across all industries. Keynote speakers and panelists will discuss topics like:

  • All the hype and the next frontier of A.I.
  • Canada’s boost in A.I. funding and the increase of industry partnerships
  • Opportunities for U.S. companies to partner or look into investing in Canada
  • I. in the real world: industry examples of how A.I. can improve the lives of millions

“We’re thrilled to showcase the Canadian artificial intelligence companies leading the way  in this emerging space,” said Shaaz Nasir, Trade Commissioner. “Canada has become a hotbed for the development of A.I. solutions, as well as a hub for top A.I. talent, and this well-timed event is a great opportunity to showcase Canada’s investment in A.I.”

“These are exciting times for Daisy Intelligence. We have been working very hard with our retail and insurance clients to bring the vision of artificial intelligence technologies to reality in meaningful ways to help them improve their operational effectiveness,” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO and Founder of Daisy Intelligence. “It is gratifying to have been chosen to participate in this showcase event by the Commissioner’s office and have the opportunity to continue our journey as we expand into new markets.”

About Daisy Intelligence

Daisy Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that turns impossible big data problems into actionable decisions. We analyze very large quantities of our clients’ transaction and operational data in order to provide weekly promotional, price, and forecasting recommendations which our clients can use to grow total sales, improve margins, reduce fraud, and delight customers. Using our proprietary mathematical solutions and the Daisy A.I. based simulation platform, Daisy Intelligence analyzes 100% of the data and trade-offs inherent in any complex business question to help our clients make more profitable decisions and compete in the new world of retail. www.daisyintelligence.com

About the Canadian Consulate General in New York


The Consulate General of Canada in New York will be hosting a panel discussion and networking reception in partnership with NYU Future Labs, O’Reilly AI Conference and Layer 6AI to explore the global economic impact on the usage of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) across all vertical industries.

Canada is a world leader in business intelligence services, and offers a wealth of opportunities for companies looking for A.I. solutions to invest in Canada. The #CanadaAI Summit will be an opportunity to learn more about the economic outlook, industry trends, along with Canada’s deep learning talent pool and capabilities in A.I. The Summit will bring together tech companies, entrepreneurs, VCs, and academia with an interest in A.I., and feature a keynote, panel discussion and networking reception showcasing Canada as a global leader in the innovation economy.

For more information or to register, please click here.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has trade commissioners across Canada and over 161 offices around the world. We can assist with export advice and guidance to help you achieve your international business goals. The Regional Network provides on-the-ground client service across Canada through five Regional Office hubs and Client Service Satellites co-located with partners in every province of Canada.



For more information, contact:

Gary Saarenvirta

CEO, Daisy Intelligence Corporation


905.642.2629 ext. 221


Shaaz Nasir

Trade Commissioner, ICT Lead



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