Daisy Founder & CEO Gary Saarenvirta and Alisha Tarrance, Merchandise Financial Planning Manager for SpartanNash presented on AI benefits and opportunities for retailers. Tarrance shared insight on the positive experience SpartanNash has had on its AI journey since partnering with Daisy.

To learn more about Daisy’s presence at the NRF Big Show 2020, read our Big Show, Big Progress blog post.

Video Transcription

Alisha Tarrance, Merchandise Financial Planning Manager for SpartanNash:

It’s tough not to measure something for a one-to-one relationship. I’m going to put bananas on the front page because it does X. When Daisy looks at it, she’s looking at our total store and how we’re helping  the total store. She’s breaking down the walls and saying, “I don’t know anything but to be productive and I don’t know anything but to help you grow and pick the right items as a store. Not as a center store, not as fresh, not as frozen, not as wine, not as anything. How can I help SpartanNash grow the business?” And she answers that question every time with as much intelligence as she can. [Daisy] really helps guide us in those decision making. 

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