MAY 20, 2016, TORONTO ON – Daisy Intelligence Corporation founder and CEO Gary Saarenvirta today announced his company’s participation as an exhibitor at the the upcoming Retail Council of Canada (RCC) STORE 2016 which will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre on May 31 – June 1.

During his announcement, Saarenvirta, challenged STORE attendees to visit his company’s exhibit to sign up for a free competitive flyer ranking by Daisy’s retail AI engine. “There’s a lot of conversation about how AI might increase unemployment and inequality. I believe AI can be used to improve our reality: it can make our lives better and our businesses more productive.” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO of Daisy Intelligence. Every week, retailers slog through mountains of data to pick products for their weekly promotions. We know this is a tedious task. Our artificial intelligence engine can analyze every option and consider every tradeoff to recommend the optimal choices. Computers excel with repetitive and mundane tasks. We should exploit this to free up a senior merchant’s time so they can focus on tasks humans are good at like planning or negotiating.”

“There’s a lot of conversation about how AI might increase unemployment and inequality. I believe AI can be used to improve our reality: it can make our lives better and our businesses more productive.” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO of Daisy Intelligence.”

Most retailers and grocers attending the two-day conference will qualify for the limited time offer which is available throughout the duration of RCC STORE 2016. Details are available at the Daisy Intelligence exhibit (#113), where retail AI guru, Saarenvirta and the Daisy team will be accepting applications.

“Is your flyer better than average or are you losing ground? Daisy knows. Let Daisy analyze your current digital or physical flyer and rank it versus benchmarks.” said Saarenvirta. “Computers are unemotional and never get tired: Daisy will put in the same analysis and effort into choosing the last product for your flyer as it did with the first. Our clients tell us that they’ve gained 4 more hours back in their week to focus on more important tasks like marketing, planning and developing strategy.”

Daisy Intelligence is a disruptive artificial intelligence company that delivers business optimization service to unlock insights from transactional data to help their clients achieve better bottom line results. It is ideal for large footprint grocers, mass merchandisers, and retailers who need to choose from thousands of SKUs to make frequent promotional offers in their flyers, mailers, in-store and online. Specializing in improving promotional effectiveness, price optimization, product planning, site selection, customer loyalty, and core merchandising operations, the company is working with leading North American retailers, grocers, and big box operators.

With no systems to integrate, Daisy utilizes its AI based systems and its Theory of Retail™ proprietary approach to thoroughly analyze raw point of sale data on a scale no human could achieve. After 21 days, Daisy makes actionable recommendations for clients to act on and adopt in their existing operations.

About Daisy Intelligence Corporation
Daisy Intelligence Corporation is an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company that analyzes very large quantities of our clients’ transaction and operational data in order to make automated operational decision recommendations, which retailers can capitalize on to improve their business. Using our proprietary mathematical solutions, Daisy Intelligence analyzes 100% of the tradeoffs inherent in any complex business question and provides weekly, specific recommendations to help their corporate clients grow their total sales, gross/net margin, transactions and customers.

For more information, contact:
Gary Saarenvirta
Chief Executive Officer, Daisy Intelligence Corporation
905-642-2629 ext. 221

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