AI-powered technology is disrupting grocery and insurance sectors

(Toronto, ON, Dec. 12, 2018) – As Daisy Intelligence establishes itself as one of Canada’s leading artificial intelligence start-ups, it is excited to be named to the Toronto 50.

Toronto 50 puts the spotlight on 50 tech companies to watch in Toronto and the surrounding region. The list includes companies focused on “socially beneficial” verticals such as A.I., health, cleantech and technologies impacting the future of work and commerce.

“As Toronto emerges as the world’s leading hubs for A.I. and machine learning, it’s rewarding to see Daisy’s brand profile expand. What we’re doing for retailers and insurance companies is disruptive and, as important, helps them generate stronger financial results by leveraging the power of A.I.”

As part of Toronto 50, Daisy was also named as one of three local companies leveraging A.I. and data to disrupt marketing.

Daisy’s inclusion within the Toronto 50 is the company’s latest accolade.

In September, Daisy beat out 15 other companies to capture first place at the ElevateR: Pitch: AI Edition. The prize was $5-million in funding from Espresso Capital.

Earlier this year, Daisy was recognized as the “Best Start-up” at the 2018 Alconics awards, which celebrates A.I. for business. Gartner Inc. also named Daisy as a “Cool Vendor in AI for Retail”.

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About Daisy

Daisy Intelligence delivers AI-powered decisions that allows companies to generate significantly higher profits,

Our technology combines the power of math and science to analyze 100% of your what your customers are telling you through their purchases.

For retailers, Daisy can increase overall net income by more than 100% and sales by more than 5% through pricing optimization, better promotional product selection, and more accurate inventory allocation.

Banks and insurance companies can avoid tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent payments with technology that makes investigations more efficient and successful.

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