Daisy Intelligence Inc. (“Daisy”) and The Partnering Group (“TPG”) today announced a strategic partnership to support retailers looking to transform their merchandise planning with leading-edge artificial intelligence.

Daisy and TPG will work together to help retailers effectively integrate Daisy’s AI platform into their core merchandise planning processes, metrics, and cultures. The relationship combines Daisy’s unique technology with TPG’s expertise around category management and strategic transformation.

“We’re excited about our relationship with TPG,” said Gary Saarenvirta, Daisy’s CEO and founder. “TPG is a category management and transformation leader that will play a key role to help our customers around the globe get the most value from Daisy’s AI platform. We believe success with AI happens when companies have a strategic transformation roadmap and a well-defined plan to make it a core part of how they operate.”

“TPG is thrilled to be engaging in our partnership with Daisy Intelligence,” said Frank Grossi, TPG’s CEO, “The positive impact of AI on the financial results of how merchandising teams operate is a fundamental reset for the industry.  It’s a challenge that we are solving together.”

About Daisy Intelligence

Daisy is an AI-powered platform for merchants focused on optimizing promotional product and price mixes for dramatically improved business results.

Daisy uses reinforcement learning, a branch of A.I. and its patent-pending Theory of Retailtm to be truly unique in the marketplace and on the cutting edge of the category management revolution.

Daisy’s platform, developed by a highly-skilled team of 50+ computational scientists, mathematicians, and retail experts, analyzes 100% of a retailer’s transactions, executing billions of simulations daily to deliver optimized product and price mix decisions for its clients.

Since its launch in 2016, Daisy has rapidly grown its client base across the U.S., Canada and internationally, based on a record of proven business results.

About The Partnering Group

The Partnering Group (TPG) is a global strategy and general management consulting firm. Its mission is to accelerate the growth of leading retailers, distributors, and consumer products companies worldwide. For more than 25 years, TPG has identified and addressed its clients’ greatest challenges and opportunities to drive shareholder value.


Mark Evans
VP, Marketing

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