As the CEO and Founder, it’s a real honor for me to be able to announce that Daisy Intelligence was recognized on September 18th as the “Best AI Start-Up” at the 2018 AIconics awards in downtown San Francisco at the iconic ‘The Palace Hotel’. The Alconics is the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business.

The Best AI Start-up award focuses on the company and business itself, as well as the technology. The panel of 11 judges from leading venture capital firms, academia, and enterprise end-users evaluates the complexity of the solution as well as how it is represented in terms of ease-of-use for the end-use, the service’s position as a global market innovator, and they look at the unique implementation features. Last but not the least, they evaluate what sort of provable ROI the solution offers for their user base.

One of the really gratifying aspects of this huge win is the impressive credentials of this year’s judges. Daisy Intelligence’ solutions were evaluated by people like Dr. Steve Chien, Head of AI, NASA, Nick Jennings, Vice Provost, Imperial College London, Jens Jørgen Madsen, Denmark’s “Tech Ambassador,” and Dr. Paul Pang, Professor of Computer Science at New Zealand’s Unitec Institute of Technology.

Edward Beecham, AIconics Awards Curator said: “With over 300 entries from around the world, the 3rd Annual Edition of The AIconics reflect the strength and progress of a rapidly expanding and evolving sector. Artificial Intelligence is now beginning to dominate conversations in the technology sphere, with businesses increasingly aware of the immense potential that AI brings.”

For detailed information and photos, please visit “AIconics Awards San Francisco 2018: Winners Announced” —

The awards are organized by AI Business, which received many hundreds of entries. Runners-up for “Best AI Start-Up” included very impressive A.I. companies: Datalogue, Mindbridge Analytics, Neurala, Wallarm and Some of the other categories were “Greatest Contribution to Ethics, Gender Equality and Diversity in AI,” Best Innovation in Deep Learning,” and “Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation.”

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