The rules of grocery retail are being changed or bent by the likes of Amazon, Aldi, Kroger, and Walmart, and competing is about adapting.

If the prospect of finding a 5% or greater impact on total sales without investing additional margin is appealing, read more about Bill Bishop’s interview with Daisy’s CEO, Gary Saarenvirta.

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How Insurance Companes Can Start to Battle Fraud with AI

He’s a journalist working undercover to investigate a drug ring, but his disguise as a beach bum is too good. Seemingly out of nowhere, he’s offered $50,000 to kill a rich businessman — in the hopes that his wife, by committing insurance fraud, can get a huge...

Four Reasons To Embrace A.I. Now to Battle Insurance Fraud

At the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA)’s Claims and Anti-Fraud Conference last month, insurance executives weren’t saying “No” to artificial intelligence. Many of them simply said, “Not yet.” Unfortunately, delaying the embrace of A.I. to battle...

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