Organizations of all sizes are realizing the advantages of moving to a Cloud platform. Legacy IT, or on-premises IT, includes running and managing a company’s data from a computer hard disk or data center, requiring IT experts to manage the servers. Cloud environments, however, store data, applications, databases, software, and more over the internet, removing the need for on-premises server management.


Benefits of Cloud Computing


The Cloud has transformed how technology is delivered both internally and externally to an organization, and is associated with benefits such as:

  • Increased agility.
  • Minimized overhead costs (which are typically associated with legacy IT).
  • The ability to innovate and experiment.

Daisy has selected the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the Cloud of choice to host its big data platform and its client facing applications. GCP has provided Daisy with the ability to scale infinitely and deliver applications globally with minimum IT overhead, all at a faster pace and with greater ease of use, security, and reliability.


How Daisy Leverages the Google Cloud Platform


The ability to instantly create environments is crucial for becoming a more dynamic organization and infrastructure is one of the most significant blockers for rapid development. On a regular day, Daisy processes thousands of ETL jobs. ETL stands for Extraction, Load, and Transform, and is the method of moving data into a data warehouse. As data sizes increase, and client requirements become more complex, on-premises systems start to create limitations, such as with scaling.

How GCP Solved Daisy’s Scaling Issues


GCP solved Daisy’s immediate scaling issue through their Dataproc service, a service which helps organizations create data clusters quickly and manage them easily. Using GCP’s Dataproc service has allowed Daisy teams to:

  • Run massive data processing workloads.
  • Stop worrying about capacity limits.
  • Keep costs to a minimum when the infrastructure is not in use.

Daisy now has the capability to create as many environments as required within hours instead of months, not only eliminating the need to worry about infrastructure limitations, but the ability to easily add to the existing infrastructure has enabled Daisy to integrate new customers and their data requirements more easily. For example, global customers, whose data is more easily and securely integrated into a Cloud environment.

Ultimately, GCP has greatly accelerated development and research and has created new ways to collaborate internally and externally, all without the worry of infrastructure limitations or breaking any production systems.


 A Reliable and Streamlined Platform


In addition to infrastructure, application stack coupling, too, serves as one of the biggest blockers for rapid development. An application stack is a group of software programs that work together to achieve common goals and assist in performing various tasks. Coupling, then, refers to the communication between applications through passing data.

The ability for teams to be able to respond quickly to changing requirements and client requests are typically limited by constraints such as:

  • Hardware
  • Cost
  • Network configurations
  • Security

GCP has provided a streamlined and secure platform where Daisy has been able to migrate its application stack. Internal teams are now able to experiment and deliver production level workloads without the overhead of legacy IT management, freeing them up to focus on product rather than on managing hardware.

Clients, including those globally, can now reach Daisy’s product interface, a system through which various parties exchange information, not only with greater security and reliability, but with virtually zero network configurations. This removes the need for manual configuration, again freeing up internal teams.

GCP has unlocked potential both for further scaling and for developing internal and external facing systems.

Since beginning the migration to GCP, Daisy has seen significant improvements in its infrastructure and performance. Leveraging Google’s industry leading security and governance will be a catalyst for Daisy’s and its clients’ future success.

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