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Daisy In The News

Covid-19 Is Testing Retail Intelligence

Covid-19 Is Testing Retail Intelligence

In a recent edition of Forbes Magazine, Bryan Pearson writes that Covid-19 is testing retail intelligence and questions if retailers will pass. The question came to his mind after reading the following statement on Daisy's COVID-19: The End of Predictive Analytics in...

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Gary Saarenvirta on Level Up! [Video & Podcast]

Gary Saarenvirta on Level Up! [Video & Podcast]

Level Up! is a series of interviews featuring successful professionals from all over the world who are making a mark in their lives and others and finding out how they did it so you can learn from the very best. Rodrigo Flamenco interviews Daisy Founder & CEO Gary...

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Gary Saarenvirta on LEx [Podcast]

Gary Saarenvirta on LEx [Podcast]

Listen to the LEx Member Spotlight Podcast Daisy Founder and CEO Gary Saarenvirta joins The Leaders Expedition (LEx) HUB Podcast to discuss how artificial intelligence is helping high frequency retail companies make better decisions about the work that they do. Listen...

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Press Releases

Daisy Intelligence Named as One of Toronto’s Leading Start-ups

AI-powered technology is disrupting grocery and insurance sectors (Toronto, ON, Dec. 12, 2018) – As Daisy Intelligence establishes itself as one of Canada’s leading artificial intelligence start-ups, it is excited to be named to the Toronto 50. Toronto 50 puts the...

Daisy Intelligence Wins Best AI Start-Up at the AI Business Conference

As the CEO and Founder, it’s a real honor for me to be able to announce that Daisy Intelligence was recognized on September 18th as the “Best AI Start-Up” at the 2018 AIconics awards in downtown San Francisco at the iconic ‘The Palace Hotel’. The Alconics is the...

Daisy Intelligence Named a Cool Vendor in AI for Retail by Gartner

Toronto Artificial Intelligence software-as-a-service company is one of three vendors designated for 2018 Daisy Intelligence Corporation, an Artificial Intelligence software-as-a-service platform, today announced inclusion in the list of Cool Vendors in AI for Retail...


Media Kit

Daisy is a disruptive force that’s challenging the way businesses have been using their data and our brand is designed to reflect that. We love our brand and we like to try and keep it consistent.

To make it easy, we’ve put together a package for anyone working with the Daisy brand. It contains all the parts of our brand identity system – logos, colour, and typography. For rules about how to use them, check out our brand guide.

The Daisy Logo

There are two Daisy logos, black and knock-out. The black version should be used most often. If this isn’t possible, use the knock-out version. We prefer that the logos carry the wordmark. If it becomes illegible, use the standalone version.

Brand Guidelines

The majority of our communication appears on white, black or full colour imagery. 

Sometimes, we need to use other colours to easily differentiate titles or call-outs. This is where the secondary colour palette can be applied. Remember that these are to be used only as accent colours.