Until about a week ago, Toronto was enjoying a mild winter. There wasn’t much snow and, for the most part, temperatures hovered around zero degrees Celsius.

Things, however, have changed…dramatically.

Last week, a huge storm battered the city, which had to use all of its snow removal equipment to keep things moving.

And today, the weather is even worse. A major storm featuring 15 to 25 centimeters of snow and high winds is pounding Toronto. It’s so bad that many school boards canceled classes.

But does that stop our employees from making it into work?

Absolutely not!

Just like the postal service, which delivers the mail no matter what, Daisy’s “storm troopers” battled to make their way to our global HQ.

Here’s a digital tip of the hat to people working at the office today. Your dedication and willingness to take on winter are really appreciated.

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