Retail IT Resource Availability Video Transcription


IT resource availability is a challenge. We know that many retailers are focused on significant IT initiatives like POS upgrades and ecommerce enhancements, given the rise of ecommerce during this pandemic.

IT Resources and AI Implementation

In a recent survey by RMG group, many retailers identified that the availability of internal IT resources is a key barrier to moving forward with AI implementations. But for outsourced AI systems, the IT workload is not as large as you think. Simply providing data and a data dictionary is all that is required. And your IT departments are already providing these extracts to many of your existing suppliers. So, you can leverage those same extracts to satisfy this need.

The Importance of Getting Started

If you delay the implementation of AI, planning, merchandise planning, or AI store systems till next year, that could be — leave you at a competitive disadvantage to companies that already are doing this now. Current challenges like supply chain forecasting, assortment planning, and the growth of ecommerce require you to enhance your merchandise planning systems and capabilities. Item and price, although not important during the pandemic, I believe will rise in importance as we reach some kind of new normal in this pandemic. So, why wait to get started? Engage your AI vendor now to help you overcome those internal challenges, because it’s not as hard as you think.





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