Straight-Through Process Claims and Minimize Fraud with Explainable AI-Powered Decisions Video Transcription


At Daisy, we deliver explainable decisions as a service. No code, no infrastructure, no data scientists required, our decisions are without bias.


What Decisions Does Daisy Provide for Claims Management?


We operate the software on behalf of our clients and the software outputs recommended decisions in claims management, decisions like should I pay this claim or not because it’s fraud? Can this claim be straight-through processed, avoiding human interaction? Or does it require a slight human touch? In addition to the decision, our software provides an explanation as to why it thinks a claim should be denied due to fraud or why it can be straight-through processed.


The Value of Explainable Decisions


Explainable decisions frees your people up to focus on high value and high complexity tasks. We let people do what people are best at by using machines to do what machines are best at. At Daisy, we see what others don’t.


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