The Time to Automate Retail Processes is Now Video Transcription


As a result of the pandemic, the workload for retail staff has increased. The growth of ecommerce, additional in store consumer safety operations, changes to supply chain, mean retailers have more work than ever before.


Why Automation is Necessary Post-Pandemic


Given the increased competition we expect as the pandemic recedes, since we’ll be in a recession, it’s not feasible for retailers to continue to hire more and more staff. The time to bring in technology to automate many of these processes in merchandise planning and store operations is right now.


How AI will Elevate Retailers


Using AI to automate decision making will allow retailers to lower operating costs while continuing to deliver value to customers. Daisy delivers explainable decisions as a service, which allows retailers to service their customers while remaining competitive. At Daisy, we let people do what people do best by letting machines do what machines do best. At Daisy, we see what others don’t.


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