The Daisy story

Explainable decisions that elevate your employees and enhance your business practices

Who we are

AI that empowers people to do what they do best

20 years providing AI-powered insights

Daisy is an AI software company providing explainable Decisions-as-a-Service (eDaaS) to retailers and insurers.

We elevate the role of people in the workplace, helping them make smarter operational decisions.

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Simply put, Daisy is AI Done Right

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‘Explainable decisions (eDaaS)’  means:

Daisy’s system is not a black box


We build trust in the AI system


We provide context to help your staff understand Daisy’s recommendations

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We aim to be the central decision-making intelligence connected to a company’s operational systems.

Daisy optimizes the details


Daisy empowers people to focus on what they do best while autonomous machines do what they do best


Daisy increases efficiency and profit

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How we help you along: 

We deliver explainable decisions from the cloud to your desktop with guided workflows to help you along


You can review multiple use cases and insight dashboards to see how our decisions made a difference


We assist you with a single point of contact at Daisy to manage your account


At all times, we automatically process your most current data to keep decisions timely and relevant

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Why we lead the field:

We harness industry-standard, high-performance computing power


Our infrastructure is scalable to manage the largest of data sets anywhere


We use multilayered fencing security architecture to ensure zero exposure risk for your confidential information


We see what others don’t

A unique perspective

Daisy offers a unique perspective backed by several years of experience applying eDaaS solutions.

AI done right

We offer a set of best practices called AI Done Right that ensures a seamless journey to autonomous.

We value trust

All decisions are delivered with explanations to ensure our system builds trust with your staff.

We lead the field

Our expertise spans 20+ years of providing AI-powered insights.

High-performance computing

Daisy is partnered with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We offer scalable infrastructure with zero data exposure risk.

Cutting-edge tech

Daisy’s eDaaS system is not a black box. No code, infrastructure, or data science personnel are required.