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What we offer


AI-powered decisions for Insurance

AI Done Right

Daisy's AI utilizes advanced algorithms to determine your clients payability and straight-through processing potential, while detecting and avoiding fraudulent claims.

How we work


We serve numerous industries

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For P&C insurance, Daisy’s system identifies Halo Effects to:

Pay policyholders on time, with lower premiums


Identify suspicious claims, actors and networks


Accelerate investigations while minimizing human intervention


Dramatically reduce false-positives so investigators can better serve real customers

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For travel insurance, Daisy’s system identifies Halo Effects to:

Avoid fraudulent payments on high-volume low-value claims


Make autopayment decisions, increasing straight-through processing


Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations


Empower employees and minimize human intervention

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For health insurance, Daisy’s system identifies Halo Effects to:

Proactively avoid increasingly sophisticated healthcare schemes


Overcome pandemic related challenges 


Uncover previously unidentified fraud


Accelerate claims processing, meeting customer demand for faster service


AI best practices

Leave the decisions to our AI

04 Steps


Using AI to evaluate historical decisions

Use AI to evaluate historical decisions that have already been made, providing explanations to system users about where there were missed opportunities.


Parallel decision-making

Incoming claims and quotes continue to be processed as current capabilities dictate, and in parallel, the AI system makes recommendations. When insurers observe patterns that are similar to those in the validated historical cases, trust is built.


System pilots and explainable recommendations

Now that trust has been built, pilots in lines of business or business segments can be run to trial process changes. The AI system will provide an explanation to adjusters, examiners, investigators and underwriters as they make decisions based on system recommendations. Real business results can be observed at this stage.


Autonomous decision-making

The insurer now decides which types of materiality/complexity levels of claims and quotes can be completely automated, with a pre-determined level of human review (i.e., random audit). The AI system is integrated into back-end claim or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) systems to enable straight-through processing where appropriate.

Identify Risk and Avoid Fraud

Mitigate emerging fraud and risk with Halo-based AI

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