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Nothing Stops Daisy’s Employees From Getting the Job Done

Until about a week ago, Toronto was enjoying a mild winter. There wasn't much snow and, for the most part, temperatures hovered around zero degrees Celsius. Things, however, have changed...dramatically. Last week, a huge storm battered the city, which had to use all...

Inside Daisy’s 2019 Hackathon: The Race To Discover A.I. Talent Is On

Every hackathon is literally a race against time, regardless of where they’re held, the skill level of the participants or the technology involved. When Daisy recently hosted a hackathon with the University of Toronto’s Division of Engineering Science, however, we presented students with a particularly challenging problem that put their mental pedals to the metal. Over a 24-hour period, we asked the students to apply artificial intelligence to determine the best way to get a racecar around a track. The winners would receive a paid internship, cash prizes, and bragging rights.

3 Smart Ways A.I. Will Transform the Insurance Sector In 2019

In some parts of North America and Europe, sometimes there’s more snow than expected. A lot more. And then the roads aren’t plowed right away. By the time people wake up and start digging themselves out, they’re already running late for work, which only adds to the kind of driving conditions that you’ll face. It may not take artificial intelligence to recognize that the risk of accidents (and subsequent insurance claims) is high on certain days in winter. Over time, however, A.I. will help insurance companies provide a better experience to their customers — not just in situations involving cars, but across all lines and throughout the year. Through it may not be recognized as a “digital-first” industry today, insurance has always been entirely driven by its use of data.

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