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Daisy’s AI-powered Assortment Optimization solution gives you the power to improve your assortments and outpace your sales targets. Where applicable, our algorithm can adjust recommendations to reflect changes in product availability and consumer behaviour.

Our solution overcomes pandemic-related challenges, helping you meet financial objectives while addressing customer needs. 

Daisy benefits


Enter a new era of Assortment Optimization

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With our Assortment Optimization Solution, retailers can: 

Optimize their assortment for maximum impact against their business goals


Leverage customer responses to past promotions, sales data, and other factors


Subsequently identify assortments that will meet their objectives – sales, margin, transaction, and more

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Our solution helps retailers:

Provide customers with the products they want and need


Increase total store sales in effect


Subsequently generate increased revenue

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Our Assortment Optimization Solution helps retailers:

Reduce losses associated with excess inventory and stockouts


Reduce labor associated with excess inventory and stockouts


Improve profitability in effect

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Our solution ensures retailers are:

Carrying the products that matter most to their customers


Improving upon the overall store experience


Subsequently building a better customer experience and growing customer satisfaction



Action Halo Effects with AI to meet customer needs

Build a more profitable sales mix without raising prices using the Halo Effect whitepaper

The Daisy advantage

Retail AI Solutions

Robust assortment recommendations

Daisy recommends the optimal range of products to meet customer demands, but Merchandising Teams always remain in control. They set the optimization objectives and always have the option to accept or reject a recommendation. Daisy’s recommendations can be provided by region, store clusters, price zone, and even store, and can support both near and long term planning.
Retail AI Solutions

Cutting-edge AI

Our technology is based on the mathematical domains of reinforcement learning and optimal control. Daisy employs multiple AI-based methodologies and a proprietary mathematical theory (Theory of Retail™) to provide our clients with specific, actionable, ranked recommendations and decisions that are beyond human ability.
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AI made simple

Our patented software runs autonomously, preventing human error and inefficiencies in your assortment planning process. Daisy takes the complexity out of artificial intelligence; we provide plain-language explanations for all our recommendations.
Retail AI Solutions

Assortments optimized for product Halo

Our Assortment Optimization Solution leverages the Halo Effect to generate product assortment recommendations that maximize Total Store Impact, accounting for factors such as customer preferences, sales data, and market trends.

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