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Gary Saarenvirta on the Retail Tomorrow Podcast

Gary Saarenvirta on the Retail Tomorrow Podcast

Listen to the Retail Tomorrow Podcast Daisy Founder & CEO Gary Saarenvirta joins the Retail Tomorrow Podcast with co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe to strip artificial intelligence down to its most basic parts. Original Source: Retail Tomorrow Website....

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Assortment Planning in the Age of COVID

Assortment Planning in the Age of COVID

Price competition will be even more intense after COVID subsides than it was prior to the pandemic. Predictive analytics solutions guide decisions based on correlations uncovered in the data, while running simulations based on causation can evaluate billions of...

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Gary Saarenvirta Featured in the Canadian Business Magazine

Gary Saarenvirta Featured in the Canadian Business Magazine

Daisy Founder and CEO Gary Saarenvirta is featured in a Canadian Business article on how he's disrupting the grocery-chain game. Daisy Intelligence, one of the fastest-growing contenders in this space, says its clients adapted to the volatility thanks in part to its...

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Press Releases

Daisy on the 2020 Growth List

Daisy Intelligence ranked as No. 118 as Canadian Business unveils its annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies TORONTO – October 15, 2020 – Canadian Business today ranked Daisy Intelligence No. 118 on the 32nd annual Growth List, the definitive ranking of...

Daisy Recognized as One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2020

AI firm ranked 82 on the Globe and Mail’s “2020 Report on Business” ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. TORONTO – September 25, 2020 – Daisy Intelligence has been recognized by the Report on Business as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, ranking 82nd with a...

Daisy Wins AI Company of the Year at the Canadian FinTech & AI Awards

Daisy Intelligence was named AI Company of the Year at the prestigious Canadian FinTech & AI Awards. Daisy provides AI-powered solutions for the insurance and retail industries that deliver dramatically improved business results. “With Canada regarded as one of...

Daisy Receives Deloitte Companies-to-Watch Award

TORONTO, Nov. 7, 2019: Daisy’s strong growth continues to attract industry accolades. Today, Deloitte Canada announced that Daisy is among its Companies-to-Watch winners in its annual technology awards program. The program celebrates Canada’s fast-growing technology,...


Media Kit

Daisy is a disruptive force that’s challenging the way businesses have been using their data and our brand is designed to reflect that. We love our brand and we like to try and keep it consistent.

To make it easy, we’ve put together a package for anyone working with the Daisy brand. It contains all the parts of our brand identity system – logos, colour, and typography. For rules about how to use them, check out our brand guide.

The Daisy Logo

There are two Daisy logos, black and knock-out. The black version should be used most often. If this isn’t possible, use the knock-out version. We prefer that the logos carry the wordmark. If it becomes illegible, use the standalone version.

Brand Guidelines

The majority of our communication appears on white, black or full colour imagery. 

Sometimes, we need to use other colours to easily differentiate titles or call-outs. This is where the secondary colour palette can be applied. Remember that these are to be used only as accent colours.