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Daisy’s AI-powered Space Planning solution uses our advanced algorithms to recommend optimal store promotional, feature, and regular layouts.

Our AI delivers micro & macro store level space plans that are optimized for product Halo Effect to increase total store sales and margin.

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With our solution, retailers can:

Optimize space plans for maximum impact against their business goals


Leverage customer responses to past promotions, sales data, and other factors 


Subsequently identify the space plans that will meet their objectives – sales, margin, transaction, and more

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Our solution helps retailers: 

Increase sales and revenue 


Attract customer attention 


Maximize baskets and sales

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Our Space Planning Solution helps retailers:

Optimize store layout and product placement costs


Identify the most effective layouts and placements 


Minimize the need for physical changes

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Our Space Planning Solution delivers:

Personalized store layouts and product placements


An improved overall store experience


A better customer experience and customer loyalty



Action Halo Effects with AI to meet customer needs

Build a more profitable sales mix without raising prices using the Halo Effect whitepaper

The Daisy advantage

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Cutting-edge AI

Our technology is based on the mathematical domains of reinforcement learning and optimal control. Daisy employs multiple AI-based methodologies and a proprietary mathematical theory (Theory of Retail™) to provide our clients with specific, actionable, ranked recommendations and decisions that are beyond human ability.
Retail AI Solutions

Space planning optimized for Halo Effect

Our Space Planning Solution uses the Halo Effect to generate highly impactful store layouts and product placement recommendations that maximize Total Store Impact and are aligned with customer behavior, accounting for factors such as customer traffic, product affinity, and sales data.
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Robust space planning recommendations

Daisy recommends the optimal store promotional, feature, and regular layouts, but Merchandising Teams always remain in control. They set the optimization objectives and always have the option to accept or reject a recommendation.
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AI made simple

Our patented software runs autonomously, preventing human error and inefficiencies in your space planning process. Daisy takes the complexity out of artificial intelligence; we provide plain-language explanations for all our recommendations.

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