AI-Powered Solutions for Category Management

AI done right.

Assortment Planning

Our Assortment Planning solution delivers an optimized assortment reflecting customer needs and growing revenues.

Product Mix

The AI-Powered product mix solution provides the right items at the right time in the right channels, personalized to your customers.

Price Mix

Daisy’s AI-Powered price mix solution optimizes prices to significantly improve profits and margins for regular, promo, or markdown items.


Our forecasting solution improves the accuracy of forecasting and product allocation driving operational efficiency, and reduced markdowns and stockouts.

Daisy’s team of computational scientists, mathematicians, and retail experts execute billions of simulations daily to deliver optimized product mix, price mix, and accurate forecasts.

We use a branch of AI called reinforcement learning and our patent-pending Theory of Retail™ to be truly different in the marketplace and on the cutting edge of the category management revolution. Our unique approach is the first of its kind in the marketplace and will significantly help your business grow in the competitive retail landscape.

Our rapidly growing list of clients are achieving, on average, a 2.9% increase in top-line total sales, and substantially reducing the time their merchants spend on menial tasks, which means more time to focus on strategy and innovation.

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Assortment Planning

Deliver an optimized assortment reflecting customer needs, growing revenues, minimizing stock outs and eliminating non performing inventory. 

  • Narrow your assortments to reflect changes in product availability and consumer behaviour
  • Minimize stock out losses and excess inventory, overcoming pandemic challenges
  • Empower your Merchants and Category Managers

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Product Mix 

The right product mix drives successful promotions but optimizing for associated sales, cannibalization and forward-buying is beyond human capability. This solution helps merchants fully optimize the product mix to drive higher sales, profits, traffic, and more.

  • See the promotions driving new growth
  • Minimize menial ad planning data entry, freeing merchants to focus on strategic activities
  • Embrace a holistic, cross-category approach
  • Gain a strategic advantage in vendor negotiations

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Price Mix 

Successful promotions depend on having the right price mix and product mixes but it is humanly impossible to fully optimize price for every promotion, every week. This solution lets merchants embrace the power of AI to optimize the price mix to drive higher sales, margins, and traffic.

  • Determine optimal pricing for your entire product assortment
  • Provide your merchants with more time to focus on strategic tasks by letting AI deliver an optimized price mix.
  • Drive higher top-line sales without investing in margin
  • Make your merchants more efficient and successful

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Accurate forecasting improves operational efficiencies and reduces the number of markdowns and stockouts. This solution provides merchants with significantly improved demand forecasts based on the AI-driven item and price mix optimizations.

  • Improve your forecasting accuracy by 15% while meeting consumer demand
  • Simulate future scenarios to get real-time insight on how much inventory to buy and allocate
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies and lower costs

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