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Leverage Halo Effects in your Merchandise Planning processes

+ 2.9 %
average increase in topline revenue for our clients
100 %
increase in net margins
40 %
time saved per week reviewing and recommending prices
15 %
Increase in forecasting accuracy
What we offer

AI-powered decisions for Merchandise Planning

AI Done Right

Daisy delivers Explainable Decisions-as-a-Service (eDaaS) for retail that enable Category Managers and Merchants to make better operational, merchandising, pricing, promotional and inventory decisions.

Our offerings

Promotional Item Selection

Promotional Item Selection

Daisy’s AI-powered Promotional Item Selection product incorporates Halo Effects to recommend the right mix of items to promote and not promote, at the right time and in the right channels, personalized to your particular customers. The Halo considers all the relationships between your products to ensure Daisy delivers increased traffic and basket size, maximizing Total Store Impact.

Demand Forecasting, Ordering and Inventory Allocation

Daisy’s AI-powered Demand Forecasting product considers all Halo Effects continuously, ensuring your stores retain the right stock to reduce excess inventory and prevent stockout loss. Our system sets auto-replenishment levels for fast-moving products, reporting on unnecessary inventory or missing stock.

Price Mix Optimization

Daisy’s AI-powered Price Mix solution incorporates Halo Effects to optimize the combination of regular and promotional prices, significantly improving profits and margins for Total Store Impact.

Assortment Optimization

Daisy’s AI-powered Assortment Planning product ensures you have the right items in your assortment to maximize Halo Effects. Where appropriate, our system can narrow your assortment to reflect changes in product availability and consumer behaviour. This solution overcomes pandemic-related challenges, helping you meet financial objectives while addressing customer needs – growing margin and profit.

Space Planning

Daisy’s AI-powered Space Planning solution incorporates Halo Effects to optimize store promotional, feature, and regular layouts and delivers store level macro & micro space plans that are optimized for product Halo to increase total store sales and margin.
How we work

We serve numerous industries

couple at a grocery store buying products
For grocery, Daisy’s system incorporates Halo Effects to:
Optimize promotional item selection
Dynamically adjust regular and promotional pricing
Improve demand forecasting and inventory allocation
Recommend assortment plans, optimize store promotional, feature, and regular layouts and deliver store level macro and micro space plans
woman making an online purchase
For ecommerce, Daisy’s system incorporates Halo Effects to:
Optimize item, price, forecasting and ordering, assortment, and space planning decisions
Improve forecasting for ecommerce and virtual stores and harmonize physical and digital merchandising environments
Optimize on demand omnichannel, base and markdown pricing
Maximize endless aisle for category managers
pharmacist helping a client
For pharmacy, Daisy’s system incorporates Halo Effects to:
Optimize item, price, forecasting and ordering, assortment, and space planning decisions
Optimize assortments of health and beauty care categories and manage and monitor repetitive products, item attributes and differentiation
Maximize revenues, profits and margins​
Synchronize segmentation, channel, proximity, planogram and TLOG data
worker at the hardware store
For hardware, Daisy’s system incorporates Halo Effects to:
Optimize item, price, forecasting and ordering, assortment, and space planning decisions
Optimize assortments for vital B2B and B2C products and equipment ​and optimize channel, assortment and category plans
Implement clustering for efficient shopper targeting
Optimize selection of product/groups in localized distribution​


Best practices

The journey to autonomous

04 Steps

Parallel planning
Merchants and the Daisy system make plans in parallel. Merchants can compare their decisions to those made by the AI, noticing what the AI is seeing that they aren’t able to. This builds trust in the system.
AI augmented plans
The Daisy system augments merchandising plans before they are executed, providing alternative recommendations for improvement. The enhanced plans’ financial results build more confidence.
AI-powered merchandising plans
The AI takes on a larger role, creating its own merchandising plans to be reviewed by merchants. Larger financial outcomes can be easily observed.
Autonomous operation
Finally, the Daisy system operates autonomously with pre-programmed governance. AI plans are automatically reviewed with alerts for human oversight if required. The result: significant labor savings
Build a More Profitable Sales Mix

Action Halo Effects with AI to meet customer needs

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