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We’re proud of our global network of partners.

While innovative technology powers Daisy, our successes are a testament to those who support us in building the future of AI.


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We see what others don’t

A unique perspective
Daisy offers a unique perspective backed by several years of experience applying our eDaaS solutions.
AI done right
We offer a set of best practices called AI Done Right that ensures a seamless journey to autonomous.
We lead the field
Our expertise spans 20+ years of providing AI-powered insights.
A global network
Our program offers resources to help you build, sell and scale your partnerships.
High-performance computing power
We’re partnered with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We offer scalable infrastructure with zero data exposure risk.
Cutting-edge tech
The Daisy system is on the cutting-edge of AI and is delivering insights that empower retailers and insurers in the workplace.


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