A new report by Avison Young puts the spotlight on Toronto’s booming technology sector.

While powerful technology firms have been developed and continue to be launched in many parts of the country, the GTA’s dominance is unquestioned. It follows that this is also true from a provincial perspective, even with considerable media attention directed to firms established in Kitchener-Waterloo and Ottawa. The sheer number of firms is only one consideration, however. The GTA would not have the ICT sector it does without a critical mass of workers with expertise in areas such as software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity, data science and analytics. These skills, along with more traditional expertise in sales, marketing, customer service, and operations, ensure that businesses have the ability to continue growing well beyond their startup roots.

The growth is happening around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This includes the 905, which is home to fast-growing companies such as Daisy, Redline Communications, VIQ Solutions, and PointClickCare.

Here’s the full report.


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