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Daisy’s Theory of Retail

Connecting all the dots to optimize merchandising effectiveness.

Daisy’s Theory of Retail

Connecting all the dots to optimize
merchandising effectiveness.
With the limitations of today’s tools, the impact of promotions and pricing is often overstated. Why? Because these tools don’t properly account for factors such as product affinities, cannibalization, promotional elasticity, price elasticity, forward buying, cadence or seasonality. Daisy’s Theory of Retail™ connects the relationships between all of these variables to better understand merchandising decision-making and its impact on driving revenue and profits.

Our approach is truly unique.

Like the laws of nature or Einstein’s relativity, we’ve created a set of mathematical laws that explains why promoting certain products are better than others, helping you determine optimal product pricing, and accurately predicts future product demand. It’s designed to maximize long-term total revenue and gross margin, not just the outcome of a specific product promotion or marketing effort.

You can’t simulate without a model.

Our Theory of Retail is a model of the retail world that allows us to run simulations and learn faster than in real time. We look at billions of patterns created by millions of customers and measure the ripple effects of every decision. Our model mathematically looks at the factors that impact promotional effectiveness as one set of interrelated variables all acting in unison, allowing you to predictably grow your sales and margin.



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