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Make the move from Traditional Analytics to AI

Learn how Daisy’s artificial intelligence is different from traditional analytics.

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How to Leverage Halo Effects to Build a More Profitable Sales Mix

Action Halo Effects using AI to Meet Your Customer Needs.

Autonomous Decisions in Retail

Pick the “right” prices for promotional, regular and marked down products.

Halo Economics and the Impact on Grocery Decision Making

Drive higher sales and profits by leveraging the relationships between products.


AI-based Fraud Detection and Automation Delivers Significant Financial Results

Minimize fraud, lower false-positive rates and increase automation for low value high volume claims.

Tackling the Growing Problem of Insurance Fraud

How insurers can use AI to battle fraud and reduce false claims.

Case Studies

Harps Grocery

Optimizing promotions and pricing to enhance profitability

Earth Fare

Improving promotional product selection to grow sales

Green Shield Canada

Reducing insurance fraud and abuse and improve false-positive ratio

Anonymous Client

Drive store traffic, grow basket size and protect margins

Sales Sheets

Promo Product Mix Optimization

Discover the promotional product mixes that drive better results.


Price Mix Optimization

Make better and faster promotional and regular pricing decisions.


Insurance Fraud Detection

Battle fraud and reduce claims expenses, and lower false-positive rates.


AI-Based Underwriting

Accurately assess risk and determine the right underwriting prices.



AI Solutions for Retail

Optimize the Merchandise Planning Process with Explainable AI-Powered Decisions


AI Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Straight-Through Process Claims and Minimize Fraud with Explainable AI-Powered Decisions


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