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A key part of Daisy’s unique approach to artificial intelligence is making it easy for retailers and insurance companies to get business recommendations from their data.

retail artificial intelligenceWith Daisy, there’s no requirement for data scientists or business analysts to extract insight. We deliver recommendations so you can make faster and better decisions.

In TechDaily, Daisy CEO Gary Saarenvirta talks with Stephen Palios about how Daisy works and how it makes data more accessible and valuable.

Making decisions in complex, data-driven businesses is difficult, if not impossible. Despite the huge advances in analytical capabilities, multi-dimensional data companies such as insurance organizations and retailers have so many moving parts that some analysis just can’t be done.

That’s what Daisy Intelligence hopes to change. The AI company, on the heels of a $10 million dollar fundraising announcement, is hoping that Daisy Intelligence can take a chunk out of the “we know we have a problem but we don’t know how to analyze it” issues that big companies face.

Speaking with Tech Daily, CEO Gary Saarenvirta explained how the technology works and how he plans on democratizing access to AI so that anyone can use it. Further, he explains how Daisy Intelligence hopes to bring stock market-style analytics to the retail business world.

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