NVIDIA, the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing, recognizes Daisy Intelligence as one of the transformative leaders in their Special Edition: How AI is accelerating retail transformation.

The explosion of big data has made an incredible impact on the retail industry. The challenge for retailers is to understand what data is available to them and which information should be collected and analyzed. Keeping up with today’s consumers and analytics-savvy competitors like Amazon means putting data at the heart of the retail business.

According to NVIDIA, “The retail sector is now best positioned to leverage AI and Deep Learning, as these new technologies are developing… Daisy Intelligence is using AI to determine what deals a retailer should offer or what the featured product on an ad campaign should be, using massive sets of consumer data.”

NVIDIA identified Daisy is one of the four companies that has used their GPU platform and rolled out AI products and services that will transform and streamline everyday business operations. It’s always an honour to be recognized for the work that we’re doing that we believe is ground breaking and valuable to our clients. Especially when it comes from the world leader in visual computing and inventors of the GPU that makes the advancements in AI field possible – thanks for the shout-out NVIDIA!

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