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Daisy Intelligence secures $5 Million Funding from Espresso Capital

Toronto Start-Up takes top prize – 16 Canadian AI Companies vied for Investment from Espresso Capital. And Daisy Intelligence secures $5 Million Funding in Pitch Competition. This funding secures Daisy’s mission to support and make AI based solutions accessible to mid-size retailers to help them co-exist & even compete directly with the bigger giants. Daisy wants to help reduce poverty by helping companies reduce prices to consumers thereby lowering the cost of living, creating a win-win situation in this competitive space!

A.I. and Change Management – “Regional Grocery”

Today, we’ll delve deeper into the specifics of adopting A.I. in the retail industry for mid-market and regional grocery players.. As recent as a decade ago, investing in A.I. systems was cost-prohibitive for all except for the massive retail companies. Today, almost every retailer of any size can afford to fund A.I. initiatives.

How to spot if the A.I. is real

The objective of this blog post is to help business and technology leaders gain clarity around the value of A.I. by being able to better discern what is fake A.I. and weed the pretenders out. The fact is, there’s quite a bit of “fake A.I.” presently being offered. When we use the term fake A.I., what we’re describing is the way legacy data analytics technologies are repackaged and marketed by (too) many vendors as A.I.

How AI gives merchants super powers

When it comes to merchandise planning, the current volume of decisions is enormous. Consider that a retailer with 10 price zones, 10 ad zones, 50 stores, and 50,000 products is approximately 3 million per week (1,000 promo items at 10 ad zones plus 50,000 prices at 10...

A.I. vs Predictive Analytics

In this day and age, of radical disruption and revolutionary changes in retail, predictive analytics models are not really up to the task of looking at a retailers’ data holistically and supporting profitable decision making.

The Future of AI In Retail Is Already Here

The most important thing to bear in mind here is that real AI changes are invisible. The real core of retail business – intelligent planning and operating systems – is not publicly discussed by the big companies as that is the secret sauce to competitive advantage....

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