At Computing‘s first AI & Machine Learning Awards, Daisy was recognized as the “AI Technology Provider of the Year (Services)”.

The award reflects Daisy’s growing stature as one of the world’s leading AI companies and how it is delivering positive business outcomes for retailers and insurance companies.

“We appreciate Computing’s award,” said Gary Saarenvirta, Daisy’s founder and CEO. “It’s another indication our technology is making an impact on companies looking to effectively and successfully leverage AI.”

Earlier this year, Daisy won the Future of Retail Pitch Battle at the Canadian Fintech 3.0 Summit. Competing against 12 other startups, Daisy captured the $100,000 first prize from Framework Venture Partners.

Last year, Daisy was recognized as the “Best Start-up” at the 2018 Alconics awards, which celebrates A.I. for business. Gartner Inc. also named Daisy as a “Cool Vendor in AI for Retail”.

Daisy’s AI platform makes retail promotions more successful.

Our technology helps retailers create optimized promotional product mixes, price mixes, and demand forecasts that drive higher sales and profits.

Daisy helps insurance companies easily detect fraudulent activity, saving them millions of dollars in claims payments.

We also help assess underwriting risk so they can focus on the best clients and have the right premium pricing.

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